# Introducing Indira CMS

By Veliov Group
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Content Management System

Indira CMS - Most easily customizable functionality and design, and everyone just curious why the lemon?

  • Based on Laravel 3
  • Fully Editable in Place (EiP), just click on lemon
  • iOS (iPad & iPad mini) ready
  • Comes with free for all iOS-web-app
  • Powered by NoSQL
  • Content and administration access control
  • Easy templating
  • Includes Laravel control panel
  • Default templates based on Twitter Bootstrap

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Do you heard about Big Apple? Here is big lemon just for you and your grown business.

# Why Indira CMS?

Ease of integration into the project

Powered by Laravel 3

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. Development must be an enjoyable, creative experience to be truly fulfilling. Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching.

Why we choose Laravel?

Laravel aims to make the development process a pleasing one for the developer without sacrificing application functionality. Happy developers make the best code. In Laravel you may find combination of the very best of what we have seen in other web frameworks, including frameworks implemented in other languages.

If you love Laravel you will love us

Besides all CMS functionality we do not forget about Laravel. All you need to start work with Laravel comes with Indira CMS. We've include Laravel control panel to help you setup your application without looking into code. In Laravel control panel you able to edit main app's configs, such as Application, Auth, Cache, Database and Session - On the fly and without changes in the code.

Installing and Setup

We heard about other CMS and their famous 5 or 3 or even less steps of installation. We have only one! But we count steps in a bit different way, - we count everything from downloading to first login. By the way we have 4 steps. It's 1. Downloading Sources, 2. Uploading to your Hosting, 3. Set up admin's password and 4-th step is first login. That's it! Without connecting to DBs or filling additional fields.

# What Indira brings to you?

Lots of useful modules and plugins
Different roles - different tasks, for all of them we bring these tools

For Adminstration

  • CMS - Content management system
  • "EiP" - Edit in Place
  • User and Admin Access Level control
  • Multilanguage support out of box
  • Access Control via Promocodes

For Coding

  • Useful JS functions
  • QR-code generator
  • Templates driven by Laravel Templating
  • Multilanguage support out of box
  • Build in NoSQL file-based database

For Designing

  • "EiP" - Edit in Place
  • QR-code generator
  • Default Twitter Bootstrap template
  • Templates based on Laravel Templating
  • Build in iconic font

# Main Features

From coding to publishing

Edit in Place (EiP)

Editable text or pages we call EiP. This useful feature allow to web-site's redactor edit & save text while reading it. You just need to be logged into CMS. Just imagine - you a reading article on front-side you just wrote and published, and oops.. you find a mistake, or you just got an brilliant additional sentence - all you need it's click on pen icon, and start typing - without loosing any second. EiP - works on you desktop and iOS-web-app, so you may enjoy this feature at home, office or while you in traffic jam.


Our NoSQL solution we call FileDB. It is database based on php arrays. We add support for most of all Laravel's Eloquent and Fluent drivers methods. That means - you can use FileDB as regular database but with some benefits. As FileDB build-in Indira CMS, you do not have a headake about istalling and connecting DB's server to start work on your project. Please, keep in mind - FileDB is faster and useful only on small projects, under 1500 records in each table.


Indira CMS comes with build-in iOS-web-app. You, your users and visitors may find tis feature very useful. By using web-app you will bring users-experience to real full screen, without navigation-bar and other iOS stuff like native application. To install application all you need is click on share icon, and then on "Add to Home Screen". Also we bring "native app scrolling" into your iOS-web-app. And most nicely thing is what this feature is free for all your users without logging into App Store.


Script Indira.js we use to "ajaxify" and liven up our back-end and front-end. Indira.js will bring best of AJAX and History API to your project. Simply prepend to anchor's id go_to_ or to any element's id ajax_ and that's it! Indira.js is fully controlled via data-attributes. We hope you will enjoy by this helpful feature.

SEO & SMM optimized

Each page of content generated by Indira CMS comes with all required meta-tags by search engines and social networks (Open Graph, Twitter) + extra blog & posts microdata in according to HTML5 microdata specification. Such as title, description, tags, image, icon and much more, all of meta-tags is editable via Templte's settings. By default we include Google Analytics and Disqus integration.

# Modules

Indira CMS comes with all necessary modules to start work on your project.

All modules can be turned on of off. That means - if you do not need posts, or blog module you can easily turn it off and hide form CMS menu.
Functionality of all modules can be extended or minimized by your choice.


Posts is main content of your web-application. All posts is grouped by sections. By default all posts has QR-Code, pretty url, tags, Access Level, language, short description and "related post". "Related post" allow to your users change current application's localization and read "related post" in choosen language, instantly by redirection. The "Pretty URL" - allow editors to set url in different languages for better SEO optimization.
Example link to "promo": English - domain.com/promo, Russian - domain.com/промо, Japnese - domain.com/宣伝広告 or Spanish - domain.com/promoción. "Pretty Links" works in Blog, Sections and Page modules in same way.

Languages (Localization)

By default Laravel comes with support of Localization. All of the language files for your application live under the application/language directory. Within the application/language directory, you should create a directory for each language your application speaks. So, for example, if your application speaks English and Spanish, you might create en and es directories under the language directory. You may read full localization documantation at Laravel's localization docs.
In Indira CMS we're simplify the process of using and managing your app's localizations, but anyways you still have to work with language files and directories code-editor.


Sections is used to group Posts and build tree of site-map. Sections may be nested and nesting depth has no limit. Sections is logically divided by localization. Each section has own and unique "Pretty url".


Blog module in most cases is same as Posts module. But it's not grouped by any sections. Blog module allow to you set localization, pretty url and show order for each blog-post. In default template users may navigate from post to post by nav-arrows from new to older blog-posts.


Pages module is much diferent from other content modules. Each page may have unique design functionality and content. Each page has unique url with no localization dependency. Pages module primary used for main front page, like this one you are reading on.


Users module - brings into your project registration, login, password recovery, email newsletter and Content Access Levels Control via Promo-codes. You may simply generate Promo-codes and give to new or already registered users to let them have access to hidden from crawlers and other users posts and pages. Or you can even create a closed web site for members only.


Admins module lets you add, edit or remove CMS's Administrators. Also you have access control on your administrators. By default you have three access levels is Guest - only read, Redactor - Edit only content sections and Admin with full access. You free to add, edit or remove access levels on your choice.

QR-Code Generator Module

QR-Code generator module is build-into Indira CMS and integrated with Blog and Posts module by default, so you can not remove or disable this module. If you don't like and wish to not display qr-codes to your users, simply remove them from the template you are using.
QR-Code generator brings easy to use tool, to generate and use in your pages codes with custom data, text, vc-card, iOS-YouTube link and much more.

# Want to help or support our project?

Indira CMS is open source project we have no commercial income, so here is ways to support Indira CMS project


  • Go to GitHub
  • Fork Indira CMS
  • Improve Indira CMS
  • Send to us Pull Request
  • Tell to everyone about Indira CMS
  • Benefit! Indira CMS become much better
Indira CMS on GitHub

Buy a hosting

  • First week is free
  • Buy hosting for $2/week
  • 1-st month money back guarantee
  • *.indira-cms.com subdomain
  • Ftp access
  • 99% uptime
  • We will install and prepare app for you
Request free subdomain* Free domain have no ftp-access and full admin rights at CMS - all changes only via support ticket


  • Every dollar we will spend on development
  • If you will support us - we will continue development in accordance to milestone
  • We will hire more testers
  • Develop free-for-all iOS, Android and Win8 native apps
  • We will add you into public list of our supporters
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# Want to hire us?

If you like Indira CMS so much what you want to build your next project on Indira & Laravel, but you are not a developer - You may hire us.
As we are guys who developed this - there is no better choice.

How we work?

  • We work only on interesting projects to us.
  • At first you will contact us and describe your project's needs*
  • We will make roadmap, calculate qty of working hours and people's resources for your project
  • Send a roadmap, deadline and price offer*
  • If you're agree - we start working for you
  • Payments splitted onto three parts
  • Roadmap is divided for three steps
  • At the end of project we will help you to install and configure application on your end
  • You will receive all application's cources

* - We do not do design, for design solutions you may address to third party company, or to our partners Send hire form