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January 2013 - March 2013
Front-end: Angular.js | Restful API | One-page Application
Back-end: Laravel 3 | India CMS | Restful API
Front-end Developers: wearegoat


Group of psychologists who focus on helping clients to think and act effectively – above all, to have real conversations.

For the last 15 years Dr. Paul Furey has been operating under the banner of PEC. Nigel Wood, Emma Donaldson-Feilder and Wendy Rose have joined along the way to work on various projects with him. And, over the years, as you would hope, Paul has refined the model and methods underpinning what they’re all particularly good at - having real conversations with their clients.

Paul started helping individuals to have real conversations at the end of the 80s and has developed a consistent methodology to underpin the work he and his colleagues carry out. In the early 90s it was apparent that he could successfully help people to change their thinking and behaviour. It was also apparent to him that he did not know what worked, why it worked and how it worked. He enrolled at University to read Psychology. After 12 years of study and research he emerged with a PhD. from Brunel University for his research into conflict resolution techniques for call centre agents. This research was in fact to become an important validation of the Not just talk methodology.