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August 2013 - AUGUST 2013
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«The Internet Times» is the newspaper for active young Internet users interested in the current events occurring every day in Russia and abroad. We do not adhere to any ideological or meaning vector when writing articles, we do not impose our opinion, and present different points of view based both on official data sources, and on opinions of the blogosphere and social networks. In our articles we practice emancipated and open style, communicating with our readers on their usual Internet language.

We are always glad to see young talented journalists in our team. We respect and appreciate the individual writing style and good taste: we do not drive our journalists in any stylistic framework, but in contrast help to reveal their unique author's image.

Our goals: to give readers food for thought, ability to make their own conclusions, independently analyzing the submitted information, as well as to give young journalists the opportunity for self-realization and development.